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Default Out Of Date

Hey Peoples,

Just wondering if anyone cares to give me a down to earth update of the new line of processors around? I have to confess to be being out of the ocmputer world for the last year or so? My last build was when Core2Duos and Core 2 Quad's were all the rage and i think the Q6600 was the must have processor!!

Now my thinking back then was that most programs were strggling to use 2 cores so in most cases it was better to have a higher clock speed C2D than it was to have a slightly lower clock speed C2Q.

Now it seems we have this great new technology as the Intel "i" range has come out but the clock speeds seem to remain similar and they seem to be leaning towards the Dual Core.

Can someone explain and i'm not disagreeing here lol but can someone explain how a Intel i5 760 at 2.8 Ghz with 2 cores and 4 threads is better than a Core i3 540 at 3.06Ghz with 2 cores and 4 threads? Or is it? Am i completely wrong (i'm just going by price and presumptions here)

Any information much appreciate.


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Default Re: Out Of Date

there is something called architecture.
that is some of what makes core i5 better then an core 2 quad.
those are same number of cores, and lets say that they are same speed like 3,0 ghz.
the core i5 will win because of new technology.

technology makes better architecture and they use a DMI insted of the front side bus.
there are also some other things that makes it better, like L3 cache.

thats also why that intel use to get better performance out of same speed then AMD. therefor AMD are cheeper becouse they use cheeper/older technology.

the core i5 760 is not a dual core with hyperthreading. that is the core i5 6xx series that are so.
the core i5 760 whould be better becouse that thay are made of the same architecture and it have 4 core / 4 threads.
the core i3 only have 2 cores / 4 threads. it is better to have 2 more cores then having hyperthreading + extra 200mhz
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