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Default Re: only 72 fps with x800gt?

guys,.. again like i said.. it has nothing to do with what you can see. between 24 fps and higher... It's MUCH smoother when at a higher fps , ie: above 72

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Default Re: only 72 fps with x800gt?

If Movies play at only 24 fps and they seem to be smooth why do you need Games to be higher then this?

Answer 1: Movies have a type of Blurring effect (Try pausing a movie, you will not get a crisp image) Since games dont have Motion blur build into them, the eye will be able to distingualsh the deatails in every frame so you need alot more fps for it to be fluid.

Answer 2:
Originally Posted by 100fps
You have a fluid film with 24 fps. The film roll has to roll thru the projector. To not see it rolling you have to make the picture black while the film rolls on. You would have to blacken the screen 24 times per second. But 24 black moments are too visible. Thus you have smooth motions but flicker.
The solution is: Show each frame 3 times and make the screen black 3 times per frame. This makes the black moments shorter and more frequent: "Triple the refresh rate". So you see about 72fps in the cinema, where 3 consecutive frames are the same. Strange solution? Solution of an analog world. And an example how "Brightness eats darkness".
See, movies actually play at 72fps!

Originally Posted by some website
Schypder stated...
Here's an experiment. Have a low-power strobe (so you don't wind up with much afterimage burnin on your retinas) flash on a rotating wheel of white and black stripes in a dark room. It should look like it's rotating at a slower speed, or backwards, or whatnot. Turn up the speed of the strobe until the wheel looks like it would under normal light (that is, blurred to a gray). Whatever rate the strobe is running at just before that happens is technically the highest framerate your eyes can distinguish. Of course, this doesn't take into account phosphor decay rates and other such phenomena, but it should be pretty close. And note that it will vary - although probably within an order of magnitude - for different people.

XaiaX mentioned...
There was some sort of test.
There was an LED that blinked at whatever Hz. They set it to 30, and when it was still, it looked like a solid light.
They started moving the light, most people could distinguish up to around 3000 fps.
Make of that what you will...

http://www.daniele.ch/school/30vs60/30vs60_1.html ---old link but informing!

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