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Default Oced my 4200+ X2

I oced it a tiny bit... too the FSB up to 206... its now a 2.27 ghz! from like 2.21...could someone give me tips to increase it more... im on STOCK COOLING what would be a stable speed to go at...im running the K9N Neo F mobo..even though it was a tiny oc... i see that stuff is less lagy when i log on to xp.. i only have 1 gig of ram... but idk... please input!

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Default Re: Oced my 4200+ X2

I think it would be safe to turn your FSB up to at least 215. In case your mobo doesn't boot, make sure you know how to reset the BIOS. I believe there's a reset button on the mobo for MSI motherboards; at least on mine there were.

If you want to turn up the FSB higher than 220 or so, I would recommended reducing thet HTT multiplier to 4x from the default 5x.

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Default Re: Oced my 4200+ X2

Put up the FSB in small chunks of say 5mhz, when it gets unstable add the smallest amount of voltage possible and carry on. Don't go more than 5% over stock voltage with stock cooling, and watch temps.

If it's unstable and raising the voltage by quite a bit doesn't do anything, stick more through your RAM.
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