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Default Notebook Advice

This is probably going to sound hopeful to most of you, but I'm looking to buy a notebook sometime between now and August 1st. I am hoping to spend, ideally, $1,000-$1,200, though I suppose $1,500 would be the absolute max I'd spend and I would have to feel like I was getting an excellent deal (which generally isn't the case when spending more money on technology).

I'll be using this notebook for college (I'll be a freshman next year) and it will be the only computer I'll have while at college, so basically a desktop replacement that I can bring to class. I plan on buying a new notebook (or possibly desktop) once I become a junior/senior. My first concern is that I want it to replace any spiral notebooks and not make me need paper or anything like that and be able to take notes easily. I'd also like to be able to of course browse the web, download music and watch DVDs on it. I used to play a decent amount of PC Games, but not as much recently. I don't know if I'll do that as much once I get into college, but I'd like to at least let that be possible. I'm not sure how difficult it is to upgrade a video card on a notebook ...

I am not sure how fast prices will go down in the next 2 months, but hopefully they'll fall quite fast, at the least for the Pentium M's (though this may not be the case). Here's a rough idea of what I'm looking for (you guys may suggest I change some of this stuff):
Must Have:
-High Speed Wireless
-DVD Player & CD Burner

Rough Idea on Specs:
-512 MB RAM
-Floppy Drive
-20-40MB Hard Drive
-Pentium M Processor (I don't care what speed as long as it's over 1000 mhz)
-Battery should last 2+ hours
-A Video Card that will be able to play demanding games without much lag for the next 2-3 years

-Hardware that allows "taking notes" easy (drawing diagrams, etc, without needing photoshop or anything) ... I thought I recall Microsoft having something like this, but it may just be OneNote 2003.

Stuff I don't care about :
-Operating System
-Free AOL
-Printer/Mouse/Keyboard, etc.
Anyway, if you guys have any suggestions on companies I should look at, how long to wait until buying this, specific things to look for, etc I'd really appreciate it.
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