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Default Norton Ghost 9.0 (HD-> Cloning/Ghosting) - Requesting help. (Nevermind. fixed.)

I'm going to type out my current specs to the specs I wish to have.

Current: 40 Gig master HD (Quantum Fireball something) NTFS
160 Gig Slave HD (Maxtor) NTFS

Wish to have: 300 Gig Master HD (Maxtor) NTFS
160 Gig Slave HD (Maxtor) NTFS

Okay, what I wanted to originally do, so simply, was to use Norton Ghost 9.0 to Clone my current Master HD(40gig) to my Future Master HD (300gig) .So I switched my 160 gig slave with my 300 gig slaved temporarily. Ran Norton Ghost 9.0. Selected my 40 gig to be cloned, to my unallocated 300 gig HD. It copied, I switched the HD, it worked. Great.

I check out the size of my 300 gig hard drive, and it was the same size as my 40 gig... So I checked to see if I did something wrong. I found out right away. I forgot to check the "Resize the drive to fill unallocated space". So I ran MaxBlast 4.0 to reformat my 300gig Hard Drive. Shut down, Switched Hard Drives again, and tried to do the Norton Ghost thing again with the resize the drive option this time.

I noticed a difference already, when Ghost wanted me to select my drive, my 300 gig HD wasn't listed as unallocated space in the list, instead, it was considered as an NTFS drive. I also noticed some space was being used up(78 megs or something like that). Except now it wasn't selectable anymore(Grey'd out). So I tried to ghost it anyways, to see if it'll work this time, since the option i wanted to select was grey'd out anyways. Maybe it would just do it right this time. So I selected the same options: Check source for file system errors, Check destination for file system errors, set drive active (for booting OS).

After the cloning completed, I made the HD switch, making the 300 gig the Master drive and my 160 gig the slave. The computer booted up normally, it even had my custom bootup image. After the bootup image, normally where Windows XP asks me for my Password, all that comes up is the Windows XP logo, and nothing happens. I can move my cursor, but nothing is loading.

So I tried doing this method 4-5 times. I feel bad for my hard drive(I don't know if that sounds weird or not) for formatting it so much. I have tried combinations of many things. I have NOT tried to clone my hard drive without this option selected: "Set drive active (for booting OS)". I also have not tried to clone my Hard Drive with these selected at all: "Disable SmartSector copying" "Ignore bad sectors when copying.". I have tried the "Copy MBR" option, too.

I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. I would like to try it with NO space taken up on my hard drive. I feel like that 80 meg space taken up after formatting is making some conflict with my bootup sequence. I reformatted my hard drive through MaxBlast, I've overwritten my HD through Ghost, and I did both. I've tried many different things.

To really sum it up: It worked the first time when I installed the hard drive physically and did no format, just straight up cloned it, but came out with 260 gigs missing. After formatting it I tried to clone again, through their properties, it showed that it had the right free space but used space was the exact same as the used space as my 40 gig. Problem: Does not boot up passed the windows logo.

I really don't know what to do. I can't install windows on the 300 gig hard drive because I don't have my WinXP disc. If anyone has any recommendations, tips, programs, or sollutions. It will be greatly appreciated by a sleep deprived man. Please excuse any confusion in any of my grammar. Like I said, I'm very sleep deprived right now from working at this for nearly 10-15 hours. You can imagine the frustration. Thank you for reading and thank you in advance for any help.

Edit: I got everything fixed. I used MaxBlast. Took a lot longer to copy, but it worked.
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