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Default Non-working XP system

I have a family member with a broken computer and am looking for any suggestions before I go over there tomorrow to try to figure out what is wrong. Unfortunately I don't know much about the problems it's having, but here is what I know:
Acer laptop, purchased within the past year.
Windows XP Home Edition.

When it is turned on, there is a loud beeping noise, until the Windows XP logo comes up. Then the beeping stops.

Once the desktop comes up, the start button and all icons "flash" and the computer does not respond to any user input.

Supposedly when it is held upside down, it operates fine.

They tried using pressurized air on the keyboard, but they either did not have enough air, or it did not work...I'm not entirely sure of the details.

My best guess is that it is an issue with the keyboard, such as a key or two being constantly activated. I plan on having someone hold the computer upside down while I try to deactivate the keyboard through the control panel (if possible). If this works, the problem will be isolated and I can use more pressurized air, and press all of the keys in case there is a crumb underneath one of them, thereby crushing the crumb so it can come out with the pressurized air.

HOWEVER, if deactivating the keyboard doesn't work or if I can't do it, then I'm at a loss for what to do.

I would first go in safe mode and see if it still happens in there. If it doesn't, then it must be a software problem, and maybe I can use system restore to go back a few days?

If it does still happen in safe mode, which I think it will, then I will try a system restore anyway...but if that doesn't work, I will immediately reverse the restoration. Then I will try reinstalling the BIOS. But if that doesn't work, I'm not sure what to do...

I would appreciate any ideas of what you think is wrong, or how to fix it. I will be going over there at 5 PM EST on Friday (tomorrow). Thanks alot for any help!


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Default Re: Non-working XP system

Depends how many beeps and how long for, usually you can work out the problem due to how many beeps or their length. Search google/yahoo! for a beep analysis. Possibly something to do with a component not seated correctly, might need to take the thing apart and see if anythings loose.

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computer freak is right the beeping means there is an error of one of the components. I would think it is the video card because its flashing icons when u go to desktop.
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