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Default No Video Hardware Problem <HELP!>

Comp specs:

P4 3.2 Asus Motherboard
2x 512 Samsung RAM
256 Geforce Fx Videocard
160 GB Maxtor Hard Drive
20.1" Dell widescreen 2005FPW screen


Yesterday night while using my computer, I exprienced some wierd graphic distortions such as 3d shapes being stretched, colors wrong, and slow graphic performance, so I shut off my computer thinking maybe I just used it too long and headed off to sleep.

Today afternoon upon booting up my computer I found nothing wrong with it, and nothing eventful happened for about 2 hours. At this time, I had Microsoft Word 03, Firefox, and Bryce running something intensive in the background. All of a suddent mouse movement becomes extremely slow, I can almost feel the computer losing power, than the mouse bame to a stop, and everything else also stopped. Nothing worked, the usual, Ctrl +Alt +Del, etc... So i shut off my computer.

Upon opening it 10 minutes later, I discover it making a really loud fan noise and whirring noise, but upon close inspection I discover all the hardware are powering up nicely. HOWEVER the screen does not recieve any signal from the computer! Also any button or mouse click I do results in a BIOS deep sound!...

The problem is it doesnt even boot into BIOS or show any start up writing at all, the monitor never recieves the signal from the beginning of opening my computer.

Interesting thing, (I don't know if this is revelent) not only does the keyboard and mouse beep whenever I use it, whenever I press Numlock or Capslock, the light does change but after 30-40 seconds.

What I have done so far:

- Change the RAM, took off one at a time, replaced both with other computers ram... DOESNT HELP
- Replaced Monitor Cable, than changed from digital cable to analog... DOESNT HELP
- Tried Monitor on another computer... WORKS PERFECTLY
- Disconnected none essential components (DVD, 2nd HD, Additional Fans, etc.)... DOESNT WORK


I am hoping some of you techs on this forum can help me out! School starts tomorrow and I have 3 papers due, all on my computer! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated..

Thanks so much!

If any of my detailed comp specs are relevent, I can go look it up!
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