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Default "No Shared Cipher" error message


this is a huge issue we are dealing with and it would help me immensely if anyone has any insight into it.

we have approximately 30 users that when attempting to log into a secure healthpartners.com web page, they get the following error in IE.

No Shared Cipher

Your browser is unable to negotiate a security level which satisfies the requirements of this site. For security reasons, this Web site may require strong encryption. To gain access to this site, you may try any or all of the following:
1) Change your browser's security settings to support the appropriate level of encryption (the cipher suites supported by this site are listed above).
2) Update your browser to a version that supports the appropriate level of encryption.
3) Apply the "strong-encryption" option pack to your operating system.
4) If in the United States, verify that you are using a recent domestic version of your browser.
5) Contact this site's administrator for assistance.

Security Details:


Browser ciphers:


Secure Site ciphers:
I have searched extensively online and have tried everything that is suggested - clearing all internet settings, low security, clearing certificates, trusting the site, manually reregistering dlls for certificates, verified IE cipher strength, etc. sometimes these users can use firefox to get around the error, but it will error out in that sometimes too. healthpartners supposedly looked into it, but could not find anything and said that the issue was on our end.

on one user, i have reinstalled IE, tried version 6 and 7, and tried logging in as a different user - no luck.

if we reimage the pc, it will typically work for a little while and then it will start to fail, and we cannot resolve it.

windows xp pro, IE 6 or 7.

anyone have any ideas on it?

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