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Old 12-02-2006, 12:05 AM   #1
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Default no audio

ok, i recently restarted my computer(like normal) and when i loaded up windows i notice no audio icon in the right corner, i go into control panel, the realtek icon is gone aswell. I check in device manager and there is only one unknown hardware, and it is a question mark which was named unknown, on properties, the location says on radeon (omega driver). On my computer i recently hooked up the video to yellow composite cord in the back of my ati x1900xtx and then i hooked the yellow up to the tv, that worked fine as an extended monitor. i dont know if this is what messed up the audo but thats the only recent hardware change.

Things ive done to try to fix it..
- Reinstall the realtek drivers
- uninstalling Radeon drivers and reinstalling them.
- formatting windows, first to pro, then to vista, then back to pro. no luck
- control panel.. add new hardware.. sound and audio device.... realtek, then i just get the blue screen when installing the driver for the unkown.
- other small things

Computer stats.. Asus P5w dh deluxe (built in sound card.)... i think that just about the only relevant stat to this problem.

ive tried opening the computer and making sure everything looks good, and it does.

I recently now reinstalled the driver, and i got the soundman control panel to open, then i go to the realtek hardware in device manager(which wasnt there before) and i try to find the driver for it. i get the bluescreen again, but this time when assuming windows, it showed the sound icon in the bottom right of the screen. still no audio.. checked the obvious stuff. This probably is unimportant, because i dont think that the realtek its showing is the real driver, i think the unknown one is which is still there.

i used the driver that came with the mobo.

ideas? think its possibly a hardware issue? i rate my self pretty good at computers, and even better at figuring out stuff, and i spent like 5 hours trying to get audio. Since the sound card is integrated, i cant really tell if its still good.

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Default Re: no audio

yea that hapened to me
like a week ago
for some wierd reason
i got a compaq SR1830NX

i did this
went into the bios
changed the onbaord audio to enabled
it started to work

I'm l337
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Default Re: no audio

mine was already enabled, so i disabled to see which one it actually was in the device manager, and unknown was still there so i guess it was correct before, just no audio.

And if anyone is familiar with the realtek control panel, when u plug in audio devices such as mp3 wires, a thing pops up that tells u it has been plugged in, and it also shows u its plugged in the one tab, ive tried 3 different mp3 wires and 3 different speaker devices, still doesnt detect it...

Ok this is what i think ym problem is: Im pretty sure my computer doesnt have high definition audio, and dont remember it being called that before, now its high definition when i want it to be regular, i just need to change the hardware from realtek high definition audio driver to realtek audio driver.
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