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Default NIC driver help needed


I need drivers for my network card. The card is a netgear fa311 fast ethernet pci card and the OS is Win 2000 Pro.

Can someone please help me out in finding the right drivers? Much appreciated for any help you can provide.

I tried both of the ones from the page below and neither worked. Can I please get some help with this?


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Default Re: NIC driver help needed

Did you try installing the drivers through the device manager? Right click the device, select update drivers, and point the wizard to the unzipped driver folder.

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Default Re: NIC driver help needed

It doesn't recognize either of them. Am I doing something wrong? I go into device mgr, I see a yellow ! and I see it next to ethernet controller, RC on it and select properties, select reinstall driver, wizard comes up and I select next, select search for suitable driver for my device, select check on floppy (which is what I put it on from that page) and select next, check off floppy disk drive and select next, and then it comes back saying windows was unable to locate a driver for this device. I then select finish.

It just won't work and I can't figure out why. Any ideas why?

Is this NIC card compatible with win 2000 pro?

I found this page http://kbserver.netgear.com/kb_web_files/n100338.asp and did what it said to do. That almost worked. I got the OS to recognize the drivers, it listed it as "netgear fa311 fast ethernet pci adapter" but there is a yellow ! on it. Is there a way to fix this?

********* update******************8

I found the original netgear drivers floppy and here is what it says to do:

Driver Installation for Microsoft Windows 2000/ME

Getting Started
The Windows 2000/ME installation CD is needed to complete this

The following example illustrates the installation of the FA312 adapter
card. The installation for the FA311 adapter card is exactly the same.
It is recommended that you complete the Windows 2000/ME installation prior
to inserting the adapter card into the system.

Insllation procedure
1. Turn off your computer and plug the NETGEAR FA312 adapter into an
available PCI slot in your computer.

2. Turn on the power of your computer to boot up the system.

The Win2000/ME system will find the hardware and start prompting you
for the proper device driver.

3. Click on Next in the first Found New Hardware Wizard window.

The next Found New Hardware Wizard window pops up with a question
mark because Windows 2000/ME is not able to find a device driver that
matches the adapter card.

4. Select the "Search for a suitable diver for my device (recommended)
radio button and click on Next.

5. Insert the Drivers and Diagnostics disk into the floppy drive.
Select only "Floppy disk drives" option and click on Next.

Windows 2000/ME will indicate that a driver for the device has been
found. A floppy disk icon indicates that "a:\netfa31x.inf" is
where it is able to locate the device driver.

6. Click on Next.

A Digital Signature Not Found window pops up indicating that a
Microsoft digital signature does not exist.

7. Click on "Next" when "Digital Signature Not Found" window to
continue with the installation.

Windows 2000/ME starts copying files into the system.

8. Click on Finish to complete the installation.

Windows 2000/ME is ready to network afterwards. It is not necessary
to reboot the system to start networking. You can now remove the
Driver and Diagnostics disk.

Additional Information
To futher customize the system, you can click on My Network Places at
the desktop. Examples of parameters that you can change are computer
and workgroup names, IP addresses, and additional network services.

Do you thunk I should do what it says and physically take the card out and put it back in a follow these directions? What do you all think?

Ok, This is exactly what I am doing. I download the zip from the first post here. I then unzip that file to a folder on my desktop called netgear. I then copy that folder to a floppy. I then take that floppy place it in the PC with issues. Then I create a folder on the desktop and call it netgear and copy the contents of the floppy to that folder. I then go into the folder until I see a file called "netfa31.inf" which I believe is the intended driver. I then go into device manager to make sure I do not see any ethernet controller which I do not see. I then click on the very 1st entry on the tree and select action then scan for new HW. Once the ethernet contoller is found the wizard starts. I then select next, search for suitable driver for my device and select next, then I click of "specify a location" and click next, then I and point it to the location on my desktop to where the file "netfa31.inf" is located and click OK.


Can someone please explain to me what I am doing wrong?

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