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Default Newly built PC freezes and shuts down, no blue screen errors.


I've had this problem for almost 2 weeks now.

My newly built computer, with an PSU, 2 harddrives and a dvd writer used on my old PC has been crashing on me at random and then randomly shutting down. There are no blue screen errors, the PC will just lock up, the monitor stays on, you can't move the mouse or type anything and the fans on the PC continue to move until the PC shuts down on it's own or you shut it off yourself.

I've done a memtest and it passed both sticks of RAM, but it took several tries to test the RAM as the PC just kept crashing and crashing on the memtest. I tested both sticks separately than both at the same time, with and without the graphics card installed.

I tried doing an hard drive test on both of the hard drives, I discovered that one of my hard drives was broken, tried running the PC with a new installed version of Windows 7 64bit Ultimate but with the one hard drive in, it crashed again.

The only ever bluescreen I got was a Bad_Info_Setup bluescreen. Other then that, there have been no blue screens. And when I reinstalled Windows 7 again, I never got the issue again.

I've been told due to there being no blue screen errors it's possibly a problem with the power supply. But if that was the case, would a defective PSU really cause the PC to lock up, keep the power running on the PC then just crash out on me?

I've bought a new hard drive, got a replacement sticks of RAM I've yet to test out and I've sent my power supply last Wednesday to Corsair to get a replacement.

While I wait for the replacement for the PSU to arrive I need to get suggestions and help from people. What could be causing these random crashes, they also happened with my older build but the PC wouldn't shut down power would still be going through the tower and you would have had to restart the PC to get it working again.


The build is

1TB HDD Western Digital Caviar Blue (This is the replacement one.)
Intel Core i5-3570K 3.40GHz (NOT overclocked)
Gigabyte Z77-D3H Intel Z77
Corsair Vengeance Low Profile 8GB
MSI GTX560 Twin Frozr
650WAT Corsair Enthusiast

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Default Re: Newly built PC freezes and shuts down, no blue screen errors.

Unplug all peripherals that are optional:

Graphics card, 2nd HDD, the spare stick of RAM.
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