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Default Newbie question about dual monitors

First of all i'd like to say hello to everyone, this is my first post. I recently purchased an LCD TV that has an VGA input so i hooked it up to my desktop computer which is an older Dell 1100 that has been upgraded to a P-3 from a Celeron. Also maxed out the RAM. I would like to hook up my monitor also and have a dual monitor system. I'm not looking to get fancy here. What i would like to do is to be able to use my TV to watch/listen to news broadcasts etc while using my monitor to work/surf. I'd like to do this inexpensively and am considering using a VGA splitter. Now, i know that a splitter just clones the two monitors so if i have my TV Input set to PC i will be viewing my desktop on both the TV and the monitor. What i would like to know is can i switch the Input on the TV from PC to TV will my monitor still show my desktop?

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Default Re: Newbie question about dual monitors

Hi and welcome to the forums.

The monitor will still show the desktop on the setup you have described if you swap the input from PC to TV since it's essentially a mirrored desktop. It might well be worth you investing in a cheap PCI graphics card that is capable of dual screening since then, when you want it you can have the TV as an extended desktop to your machine.

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Default Re: Newbie question about dual monitors

Sorry if ive misunderstood. But yes if you chose 'clone display' your pc and tv will both show indentical displays and then chaning input on your tv back to TV should not affect the display on your PC. You just have to change option in display to make sure the display is bveing cloned and not just sent to the TV alone. You can even have extended dektop where both displays combine to create a larger display which the mouse can cross between .

Sorry if i have misunderstood your question.
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Default Re: Newbie question about dual monitors

Don't bother with a VGA splitter. Just get a video card with dual outputs (one DVI and one VGA is fine, they often make adapters if you can't use the DVI connection on the other monitor) and do it that way. If you already have a video card with two outputs, then just connect them both and set it up in the video card software.
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