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Default New WD Hdd running slow?

Hey guys,

Just got new upgrades for my gaming pc.
asus 6970 and a new hdd.

This hdd is the WD caviar black 750gb 64mb cache 6gb/s HDD. My mother board only supports 3gb/s so i also got the ASUS U3S6 which is a USB 3.0 and Sata 3 6gb/s PCI card. I have installed the drivers and have the HDD plugged into it but my pc still seams kinda slow. It still takes it time to load and stuff.

Heres a bit of info about my setup. I have 2 hdds. The first hdd is my new WD hdd and is in two partitions. 50gb for the OS the rest for genral storage. Then i have another hdd which is a samsung 1tb piece of **bleep** for all my applications and games which is soon to be replaced. Im not sure if its my second hdd which is slowing down the other one but windows just doesn't seam any faster then it used to be which was everything on my **bleep**ty sansung hdd. I did have a few problems when reinstalling windows and stuff on my new hdd since i did it wrong 3 times lol and had to reformat the hdd each time so im not sure if that did anything.

I have run 2 benchmarking sortware the first was HDTach and the burst speed was around 2.5gb - 3gb which makes me wonder if tis still running in 3gb/s. And the second benchmarking software i ran was AS SSD Benchmark here are the results oh and this test took for BLOODY AGES to complete:


I didn't do the 4k-64Thrd because the test took like an hour just to get the results i got and i couldn't be bothered to wait any longer. Something is wrong because these reults seem very low. Not sure what the problem is but here are my specs:

- Windows 7 Home
- Asus Maximus III Formula Motherboard
- Intel i7 860 CPU @ 2.8ghz OC @ 3.5ghz
- WD Black 750GB 64MB Cache Sata 3 6GB/s HDD (WD7502AAEX)
- Samsung 1TB **bleep** hdd lol
- 6GB DDR3 Ram (not sure in the mhz)
- Asus HD 6970 Graphics card

Any help would be gratly appreciated.


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Default Re: New WD Hdd running slow?

PCI has a max bandwidth of ~127.2MB/s Seems like you are hitting that limit. However, moving the paging file onto a faster hard drive and setting the cluster size larger (8KB or larger) could also help.

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Default Re: New WD Hdd running slow?

You need an SSD. HDDs aren't capable of more than what you are seeing.
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