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Default Re: New vid card - pc won't power on

Originally Posted by 63083 View Post
This should work well for your system. CORSAIR 400 Watt or OCZ 500 Watt
Both of those look great.

A few other notables I found:
CM 460W
HEC 585W
Rosewill 550

CM looked the best out of the bunch in the price/performance category.

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Default Re: New vid card - pc won't power on

Originally Posted by sara_dippity View Post
Hi, I just bought a Geforce 9500 GT and when I turn on the pc, the power lights don't turn on and no noises issue from the case. I have a Compaq (yes, I know. I'm sad about it too but nothing I can do.) The mother board is the original, but it now has a 450 G hard drive, a firewire card, new 500 w power supply, and I'm using a GEFORCE 8500 GT.

I've contacted the seller and may soon send the card back as defective, but before I do, is there another reason why the pc would fail to power on with the new card in? There are no connections for auxilary power that I can find on the card itself, and it seats well in the pcie slot.
Most probable reason for this problem is corrupt video card. You should immediately send it back and get a new one in return. Else you can contact good professional computer experts who can see to your problem.


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Default Re: New vid card - pc won't power on

Okay, thank you gentlemen (and any ladies that might have been hiding in there.) I've bookmarked this thread for when I get my financial aid in the fall, since my system works and the new card won't spoil in my closet there shouldn't be any reason for me to stress my budget 'till then. I will however look at your recommendations first thing when I get my money.

I suppose I have time to send the card back for testing, but I'll communicate with the seller more. If my replacement would be refurbished I might wait to send it in, since the warranty is a year long.

Sniff. I wanted to play games that wouldn't run well on the old card.

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