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Default new upgrades, no Power.

I recently just upgraded my mobo, cpu, and ram. Everything is installed correctly. When I power it on, nothing happens. And if it does by chance start up, it only flickers for about 1/2 a sec. The 24 pin is connected along with the 4 or 6 pin. Its not my power supply or the cord. Someone told me it could be the harddrive. They said it needs to be formatted in able to start up because I added new parts. Any suggestions as to what could be wrong?

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Default Re: new upgrades, no Power.

"It's not my power supply" - yes, how do you know that? You upgraded from what to what? Are you sure your power requirements are being met? More often than not, when someone says "its not soandso part" it usually is.

One thing you can do to isolate problems is to rebuild the PC outside of the case, on the motherboard box for example (it's safe for short term testing) and then only connect components one at a time until you isolate the problem.

Another good tactic is to reseat the CPU since you have it all out of the case. Are you sure you've got everything inserted ok? No bent pins, etc? (just things to check)

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Default Re: new upgrades, no Power.

I wanted to note that a HDD does not have to be "formatted" to work properly. You can plug in a "Low level formatted" (factory formatted HDD), or a tri-boot (multiple OS) HDD, and the computer will still turn on. In fact, you don't even need a HDD to operate a computer (for ex: a "Thin Client")

Also, og's third comment about re-seating the CPU is a common form of "No power, or turns on for a split second" when dealing with a computer build.
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