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Unhappy *New System Coruption Issues*

Rig Build #1
OS - Windows 7 x64
CPU - AMD FX Black 8120 8Core @3.1ghz [ Cooler-Master X6 Air Cooled ]
GPU - Gigabyte HD 7850 2GB OC [Crossfire]
MOBO - Asus M599X Evo
RAM - Patriot Signature Line 16GB Kit DDR3 - 1333MHz -4x4GB
PSU - XFX 750watt Core Edition
SDD - Patriot Pyro 120GB
HDD -Seagate 1.5TB and Seagate 1TB Hardrives

Hey guys, here it is.

I built this system about two months ago and I have not been able to solve what is giving me the following issues.

-Put the rig together and installed the OS on the SDD finished the installation then proceeded to install Motherboard drivers and GPU drivers also updated windows through windows update (The usual) but then I noticed something odd in my Firefox browser, when I would scroll up or down the page I'd see text trailing and what seemed like artifacts. Installed Metro 2033 to bench the Rig and got flickering and artefacting so I turned straight to the GPU as the culprit,removed and replaced at supplier for a fresh new one..Installed new GPU into the rig and worked fine for a week or so then green lines started appearing in games and white dots in depth environments, it would appear to smudge textures as I made movements in games and all sorts of noticeable imperfections none the less still pissing me off. So I decided to buy another Gigabyte HD 7850 to crossfire and try and eliminate the problem but it kept persisting.. so I removed the card that was causing these problems and sent it in for RMA since it was two weeks or so after purchase... continued gaming with the 3rd GPU which seemed to run perfectly fine,then a week later "Yes you guessed it' the problems which have been haunting me from previous cards returned on a 3rd GPU which is has now been tested on my updated rig with no improvements..

I have tried narrowing it down to the PCIe slots and/or PSU to no avail
I have replaced the following:

Rig Build #2

Fresh new Windows 7 x64 OS
PSU - Corsair TX850watt V2
Motherboard - Asus Sabertooth Evo 990FX
Ram - Corsair MXS3 16GB Kit DDR3 - 1600Mhz - 4x4GB
GPU - My old Nvidia GTX550TI

And the problems still persist even on a Nvidia Card that had never had issues.

I have lost hope in trying to fix these problems and they just keep getting worse.

Anyone have a idea of what could be doing this?

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Old 07-16-2012, 05:23 AM   #2
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Default Re: *New System Coruption Issues*


Was a faulty powerboard unit letting out incorrect voltages to the monitor..

All cards work perfect now!

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