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Default new system advise

let me just start off saying sorry guys cause i know things like this have been asked a million times and yes i have searched i just like knowing every posible aspect before making an investment with that out of the way my current system is something less than a piece of crap its a:
p4-1.6ghz, 256ram and no need to know the rest but the thing is that i messed up bad when i built this system, i went to the comp store without doin any research and asked the sales rep behind the counter whats the chepest p4 motherboard u have and bought it and i did that for every component in the system and at the time it looked like a great deal i mean top of the line system it was when p4s bearly came out for 400 including motitor and printer i thought i made it out good but now i realize that the motherboard company isnt even around anymore but i think its time for a change and basicly my question is without any ocing which system would be beter one based on the amd 3500+ processor or one based on the 550 p4 procesor keep in mind ive been doin my homework and for the amd i will definatly be goin msi neo 4 plat and if i go intel it will be asus p5ad2-e prem , at first i keep thinking that i would for sure go amd after reading everones opinions but... i have heard that thats only in fps wise and seeing as how the human eye has a hard time seeing past 30 i figure a nice intel setup would actually be better cause i am not a gamer i use my pc for multi-media purposes u guess and i love multi-tasking but i would like the option to game when i want to right now the only game im hooked on is far-cry and i would love my new system to be able to play it with the settings maxed out flawlessly which of the two systems can be able to do that or can both??? sorry for the long post but im goin to start buying parts this week and wanted to get good opinions and i was goin to start yesterday but i figured if amd is the way to id wait for them new cores and see what everyone has to say about those


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Default Re: new system advise

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