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Default Re: New laptop or upgrade HDD in existing one?

Originally Posted by 1337G33k View Post
Always go with Sony.
Just my opinion: you shouldn't ever take a stance like this. Fanboyism will cause you to spend more money for less performance.

Always go with the highest quality parts at the best price for your particular situation. Which will never be one company. Research is your best friend.

We all tend to stick with brands that we have good experience with, but we don't do it because of the brand, we do it because we know those brands use quality parts. I love ASUS because I know they use quality parts, but if GIGABYTE put out a higher quality board at a lower price, I'd still buy it.

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Default Re: New laptop or upgrade HDD in existing one?

I find that no matter where you go someone will always say particular brands suck whether it be acer, hp, toshiba etc. My laptop comes from a particularly problematic line, the dv 6000 series which are infamous for wifi card failures, gpu failures and motherboard failures. However I have not experienced any of these things with mine.

Some of my friends are telling me to get a compaq but the one they are saying I should get is a 250$ compaq from walmart. reason: "Because it is cheap and you get everything you get on higher end laptops" Referring to all the bloatware like norton internet security. I don't want that though

Someone said earlier you could get an i5 laptop for 500$ where is that? All I see for under 500$ are ones with the amd APUs which I am skeptical about

Anyway I am looking to maybe replace my laptop around christmas time since I just built a new desktop rig in july and am a little strapped for cash and also I can live with this laptop for a while longer but the lack of ample HDD space is starting to be a pain

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Default Re: New laptop or upgrade HDD in existing one?

I also have a DV6000 which is still working great.

My brother had one that the motherboard failed on and my mother has one with a bad wireless card.

Despite all this, I would still recommend newer HP laptops.

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