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Default New Laptop, Security First

Just picked up a Lenovo ThinkPad T500. Just trying to get all the crapware uninstalled and get security tight before anything else. However I am relatively unfamiliar with firewalls etc. My old desktop I was running Avast! for anti-virus duty, and Comodo Firewall with the standard Windows Firewall disabled. However, I am under the impression that some of the "pay" programs do a better job. So I have decided to go this route with the new laptop. So far, I have the McAfee 60 day free trial that came with the computer taking care of the anti-virus side of things.

In the McAfee Security Center, the list of protections for "Computer & Files" is as follows:

-Virus Protection
-Spyware Protection
-Windows Protection
-PC Health

With these protections running, am I sufficiently guarded from virus's and other spyware? Anything else I should add? Any of these processes that I dont need?

The list of protections for "Internet & Network" are as follows:

-Firewall Protection
-Windows Firewall Enabled

Again, I am under the impression that the standard Windows Firewall isn't the most effective. Would I be better off disabling this and using the McAfee Firewall? If so, I installed just the anti-virus software for now, and then the McAfee Installation Icon disappeared. Is there a way I can go back and install this?

The list of protections for "E-Mail & IM" is as follows:

-E-Mail Virus Protection
-E-Mail Spyware Protection
-IM Virus Protection
-IM Spyware Protection

With everything that is running so far, am I sufficiently protected from virus's, spyware, and other malware? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Default Re: New Laptop, Security First

Ya. I have the same security suite as you I think.

The firewall is just there for extra protection. I don't really care to much for it. The mcafee firewall and windows protection will run simultaneously without interference from one another. The email and im protection is worthless unless you are stupid enough to open junk mail. The virus protection is "above adequate" It actually detects and deletes the viruses !! Had it for 2 years and everything is still good, cept that one time i had to reformat cuz no antivirus software could detect the f ing virus.

You should be fine with mcafee. They're one of the better ones i believe, well compered to norton

I love their system maintenance tools. It cleans up all the junk system restore points for me and other stuff.

I suggest download spybot search and destroy, sometimes mcafee dont find these, and ccleaner and you should be good

Just wondering. Do you have comcast as your service provider?

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Default Re: New Laptop, Security First

If I were you, I would install Avast! home edition and firefox. Then I would install the plugin called "adblock-plus" to block ads from loading. Next I would make sure Windows is patched and that the windows firewall is on.

At that point, as long as your are fairly diligent and don't open email attachments that you don't trust, you should be just fine. If you are really paranoid you could run the no-script firefox add-on. =P

I would also assume you are running Vista since it is a new computer, so don't go overboard with protection that will just slow you down.
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