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Default New Laptop

Not sure if this belongs here, but, I am looking at buying a laptop.

My budget is $1100-$1200. Obviously, I'd like to spend a little closer to $1100.

I've looked at a few different laptops... what I'm looking for:

A strong laptop that will last for several years, meaning, a longer technological lifespan
4 GB of RAM [I see little point in any more]
Core i5 or i7
A video card that is strong enough to do many games [doesn't need to be top of the line, nor play anything intense, I am only attracted to moderately graphically intense games]
At least 15" screen size, preferably closer to 16" or 17"

I was looking at Dell computers before, specifically, their studio series, since their XPS has a lot less bang for the buck, but, I would hit close to $1200 or more if I picked the stuff I wanted, and was forced to downgrade several components in the process. So, I do not think Dell is the right choice. I've also heard terrible things about their customer support.

HP I'm not too fond of either. Their pricing is a bit better, but, the systems seem less flexible.

I was thinking of a Sony Vaio. The screen size on the F-Series, the one I'm customizing now, is 16.4", perfect. A little big, but, not as big as a 17" or a 17.3". I have no problem with somewhat big laptops. Still perfectly portable.

I am able to get a Core i7 processor, a 512MB VRAM Graphics card, free Blu-Ray [which is just a bonus], 4 GB of RAM, a 500GB 7200 RPM HD [to be perfectly honest, I'd be fine with 320GB, but, again, future-proof].

Standard capacity battery... in all honesty, at home here for a few years, it will be plugged in most of the time. And when I am traveling around with it, I'll have the opportunity to keep it plugged in. I still am curious if any of you can provide an estimate or first-hand knowledge on how the battery life is for a laptop of this likeness.

How hot/loud does might it get? If I'm playing games? I'm unfamiliar with laptops, and am asking for Vaio owners' experience. Customer support?

I can get a lot of the stuff I asked, and more, for only about $1100. I'm still debating on a keyboard backlight, but, even with all that and shipping/handling/taxes, it should come out to below $1200. What are your opinions? Any other recommendations on laptops?


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