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Default New Job

I have just got a new junior IT specialist job and need any help from exprience people who have entered the IT field. I have a A.S in computer networking that I got back in 2002, and I am going to school to get A+,MCSE, CCNP, and CCNA, I found a school that will get me certified in all that, but I am asking at this point what should I expect from the job in general, It is an insurance company and Iwill be the only IT person were I am, and the head IT man is in New York so it's going to be teleaphone, and emails to communicate. I want to know what to expect from the job in genarald, like network stuff, and other things because I know some network things but not alot, and I have been just working out my garage for the last two years and I haven't started school yet, so I am kinda nerves any help would be appreciated.

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Default Re: New Job

well first off congratulations on the job.

Next up - you'll almost certainly come across tasks where you're not sure what to do ok? so as you said, your boss is only a phone call away so ask him for advice when you need it, always worked for me - they'd prefer you did that rather than screw their network.

"hi boss, i'm just about to work on a job but i've never done it before, how do i....

...thought i should ask becuase i don't want to get it wrong"

Basically - use the support and resources that are available to you

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Default Re: New Job

Wow, good job on getting in!!! Let me tell you what the IT people do where I work.

They get work orders that comes in everyday. THe boss distributes them out to the most qualified person to do the job. Depeding on the job, it may take longer to do. They perform a variety of duties such as troubleshooting print problems, Internet, email, or any other network type problems. If your work use VoIP, then you'll have to deal with that too.

If your company decided to add a room and ask you to get it network ready like my work, several IT people will team up and add drops, power poles, route cables, etc to get the room ready for networked PCs. You have to check the servers and perform maintenance on it, work with switches and routers, add/drop users, training new employees how to use the software, and basically any type of computer problems that pop up.

A lot huh? There's more, but the IT department is in charge of all computer/network, hardware/software related duties. Some jobs are too big and need outside contractors to do the work.
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