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Default New computer trouble.

I have recently been building a new computer and just assembled most of the parts today. Got it all put together and it turns on and after 5 secounds turns off again. I tried to single out sticks of ram and other checks my friend suggested however none seem to work, my friend then pointed me this way and told me you guys helped him get his running.

My computer set up so far is as follows:

Pentium 820 D Processor
Intel D945Psn Mobo
Verto Pny 32 mb GeForce 2 (Until i get my 7800 gtx)
1 gig of AMP pc 4200 ram my bro gave me until i buy some new
Seagate 160 gig IDE HD
Allied 500 watt ATX psu

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Default Re: New computer trouble.

Try taking everything apart, remounting and reconnecting everything, it took me two days to get my new build going.

HD 4870
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Default Re: New computer trouble.

Do you see anything at all on the screen when you start it up?
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Default Re: New computer trouble.

Hmmm, maybe a faulty power supply? The other thign I can think of is that somewhere you're power is getting grounded and it's shutting itself off, or your power load is excedding your power supply. Either that, or one of your computer parts wasn't assembled properly and the computer is shutting itself down. Make sure your CPU heatsink and fan are properly attached. Along with that, make sure your RAM is installed correctly. Try booting with just one stick in, then with that one stick move along all four or however many slots you have. If that checks out, add the other, try each slot, see what happens.

Also, make sure all your connectors are properly connected. Make sure everything isn't touching anythign that it shouldn't be touching, say a screw fell while you were screwing in something, such as the motherboard or video card, and the screw fell, that could potentially ground the power and thus shut it off.

Just double and triple check everything. It is always better to be safe, then to be sory.
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