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Default New Case for HP internals.

Hey, I got a problem with my HP.... I have 2 HDs in it, And my Video card a Rosewill FX5200 128, Needs a higher wattage power supply and I think I just fried it..

Ya I know.. An HP computer, Why am I even dumping $$ into it LOL..

Anyway, I have a Hp Pavilion 750C, Its a kinda small case..

I was wondering, Could the MB be swaped out into a larger/standard case? I need a larger power supply and the one that is in there now is super small and mini....

I heard things about the HP MB having weird power connectors ETC and not being able to be swapped out... True?

Right now It appears as If I have a 20 pin, a 4 pin (Which is normal from my understanding) and then I have a narrow connector..

Im currious if a Power supply on a new case would have the narrow little connector I am talking about... Sorry for being so vauge.. just that this comp is totaly pissing me off lately and its like 4am..

Also I have USBs up front and a serial port... Would these give me problems also?

I never bought a new case or anything for a comp so Im wondering if the Front USBs will just have a connector that goes to the MB...

If anyone cant help me out that would be great. thanks.

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Default Re: New Case for HP internals.

On almost all name brand computers the connectors are proprietary and become a hassle when trying to convert over to another case... It can be done but will take some skill on your part to be able to tracewires and place them in the corresponding spot.

Also on some of the mobos there are extra connectors and all that are not normally found in other boards... And the power supplies are almost always proprietary to the mobo so any new PSU will not just fit.
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