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Default Re: New build

Originally Posted by joedaman633 View Post
I think if you're building a system, the only reason you'd buy AMD is if you can't afford an i3 dual core chip or better with Hyper-Threading
Son, you have some learning to do My AMD out performed the i5 3570k pretty easily . I'm a proud AMD hexcore owner

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Default Re: New build

I was an AMD guy for a looong time and I did well. When I was having problem with my AMD X2-3800+ system which only see 2 gigs of memory and having out of memory crashes. I had it for 6+ years and was out of the loop in technology advances.

I was ready to build a system and I asked the members of a computer forum what to get on a budget and most said Sandy Bridge Celeron (G540 dual core). Only $50 they say and great performer.

Celeron? I hate Celeron because they're such pathetic CPUs. Not this one they say and gave me a link to Passmark site and compare. I compared some budget AMDs to the Celeron and the Celeron still come out on top.

really? Ok I'll do it and did it.

It worked well for a 2.5 Ghz CPU alright. This is when I got back into the loop and learned about the techs. Intrigued, I went got the i3-2105 to replace the Celeron and get a 3.1 Ghz dual core with HTT. For $100 that CPU does very well.

Forget the on-chip graphics and get a video card. That's what I did.

I came on a Celeron!
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Default Re: New build

I don't believe this thread is about Intel vs AMD.... everyone knows that Intel is superior anyway
but really, The arguments will bury this threads original topic.

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