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Default New Build

ok guys ive just come back from my holiday in gt yarmouth,

weather was nice sand was good and i spend 200 :O

n e ways so i come back and check my voicemails on my phone and a friend of mine needs a new build.

so i went to my usual place ebuyer.com and noticed that there arent that many decent cheap asus boards around n e more and i dont know any other decent brands.

basicly ive been exclusive to asus since ive been building because i know they have excellent quality but seeing as they dont really have anything i like in my budget for the new build im thinking about different brands.

so ive basicly got the rest of the build sorted but i need help choosing the motherboard.

@ the moment i have 3 contenders.

this is the asus i wanted http://www.lambda-tek.com/computing/pcdesigner.htm

but its not instock from ebuyer which means extra shipping costs

so thats 35 ish with VAt and thats got got upto 8Gb RAM so i could buy 4 now and if needed 4 later. although i doubt it, supports quad core, supports 1333Mhz FSB.

i really wanted that motherboard.

so from Gigabyte we have http://www.ebuyer.com/product/140061

and from MSI http://www.ebuyer.com/product/134615

unfortunately they dont quiet match upto the ASUS board i wanted, but they will do. they look fairly similar so id porbably go with 1 of the gigabytes.

can anyone reccomend another board ?

these will be supporting 4Gb RAM Q6600 1Tb or hardrive space, and porbably somehting like an 8400 as it will not be used for gaming at all.
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