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Default The Neverending War

The following is what I want to happen with my electronic equipment:

I want my PC and my cell phone to talk to each other. I want my PC to hook to my phone using my USB cable, and I want my PC to take the videos from my phone and save them to the hard drive. Then I want to have a free program that converts those .3gp files so that I can use them in Windows Movie Maker, and eventually, upload to youtube so that it's as close to the original quality as possible.

I want to have the ability to record anything on my screen at any time and be able to do the same thing with those recordings as I did with my phone videos. Oh, and I want whatever program that is, to be free, with whatever conversion(s) I need.

I want to be able to hook my video game consoles up to my computer monitor using cables I already have and be able to record the video from that as well. Yes, I want the end-product of those recordings on WMM and Youtube.com as well.

Here's what's actually happening.

My PC and my phone hate each other. I could spend an hour typing out the problems just from plugging the things up to each other. It's very strange that sometimes the card in the phone will be seen by the PC, by sometimes it wont...and what's even more disturbing is some if it actually depends on the order in which I put in the card, plug up the phone, plug the usb cord in to the phone and plug the usb cord in the PC.

Nevertheless, I've figured out this cryptic pattern of what needs to be done for my PC to see the card.

Yet this is the beginning.

From that point, I have never been able to have a perfectly successful transfer of any file on my phone.

Here's my definition of a successful transfer: Recording a video on a phone, and eventually being able to play it on my computer (using Quicktime, in this case).

Why isn't there a checklist for what to do, step-by-step for someone that doesn't give a **** about downloading music or streaming pornography.

I have Windows XP Home, which I love tinkering with on my other home-built PC. I realize XP Home is not the greatest-up-date-freaking-uber-open-source-pwnage Opering System there is (that would be Linux, which I've never used.) but I love XP Home and I am comfortable with it.

That being said, all I do when I'm not driving for FedEx is play video games (FFXI, UT3, Sim City 4, etc etc etc) and make movies that bring someone else entertainment. I make my movies with Windows Movie Maker because everything else I have searched for costs money and I am nearly in poverty.

At no point in my many hours, days, months, or years have I ever found an actual checklist of what needs to be disabled, what needs to be turned on, what needs to be downloaded, etc. etc. Everywhere I go I get different answers. Which is why I built the second computer (using parts I found dumpster diving on my route.) So that I could try to learn the OS and be able to figure this **** out myself...which has had it's share of rewards, but mostly frustration has come from it.

As far as the recording video from my PC (programs or the actual desktop) goes...that has been a separate war in itself, filled with sacrificed hard drives and several minor injuries.

This is a cry for help.

I am copying and pasting this story to as many forums as I can find.

Someone out there in cyberspace...please, read this, respond, call me, email me, just contact me...and help me.

I have these things I am so very passionate about, but despite my best efforts, I can't chase my dreams and pursue my hobbies because the manufacturers of these devices have lied right to my fu**ing face about what the devices will do for me. My cries for help from them lead to insanely high phone bills and phone operators taking the blame for something they had no control over.

Ask me for something, money, a thank you, a picture of an elephant superimposed on the moon Titan holding a German flag, whatever. Tell me what you want in exchange for this knowledge I so desperately seek.

Thank you for reading this insanely emo post...and I hope everything in your life is going well.



My specs (stripped down version of specs...for more details, ask me.)

My phone is a Motorola i880, which could've been a great device, if it wasn't so horribly bad.

My PC is homebuilt, AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+ 2.41 GHz, 1.00 GB of Ram according to my System Properties. I love my PC so much.

My monitor is a Philips 17" FlatTV, which has HDTV, Component, RGB, coax, etc.

My other computer has an AMD Duron with an ATI All-in-Wonder 9600 Pro.

*I did not mention this before, but I have a Macintosh Powerbook, which I regretably did not take very good care of (the software, not the physical aspect.) I'm about to format the hard drive and start over, as I do many times a year with my PC.) Any checklists, info on this will be appreciated just as much.*

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Default Re: The Neverending War

The first 3 paragraphs..... I swear you have gotten into my head!

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Default Re: The Neverending War

that problem with your phone hating your pc and you having to go through a set number of stages for it to see your phone card. does that happen on both computers? is there another computer to try it on to make sure the problem is not with the phone? have you tried a different USB cable to make sure its not a dodgy one?
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Default Re: The Neverending War

with any console, you would be given a set of analog composite/s-video cables (composite = yellow,red,white wires, s-video = that little circle connector with loads of pins inside). Now you will need to buy an external video capture device which takes those inputs. Not the mot staightforward but easy nevertheless.
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