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Default Netbook delemhia (Need some advice)

I bought this Asus netbook from newegg.com thinking I was getting a good deal. I paid a total of $288 bucks for this netbook: Newegg.com - ASUS Eee PC 1001PXD-MU17-WT White Intel Atom N455(1.66GHz) 10.1" WSVGA 1GB Memory 250GB HDD Netbook

Then I saw at target out of all places a better acer netbook with a dual core intel atom and virtually similar specks to my current netbook for total of $250 or so. What a jab to the face that was for me. This is about two weeks or so after my newegg purchase. Now I ask my self these two questions.
1. Do I try somehow to sell this notebook for as close to the purchased price as I can, and use that money to get better netbook?
2. Realize that I should have done more research make the best out of what I have and maybe make up for it some by adding some more ram or something in the near future.(Although this will mean that I have spent over 300 bucks for this netbook with a sinlge core CPU).
Thanks in advance for any advice!
PS: Yes I am on a budget, else I would have bought a Mac

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Default Re: Netbook delemhia (Need some advice)

I would keep your current netbook. It's not a dual core processor, but it does have hyperthreading, so it 'technically' is a dual core although not really. Increase the RAM, and be happy with what you bought. I prefer Asus over Acer anyway although I can't stand the performance of ANY netbook.

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Default Re: Netbook delemhia (Need some advice)

You've used the wrong netbooks then, Nathan. The Atom based netbooks are HORRIBLE. The Netbooks based on AMD's C-50 / C-60 APUs on the other hand... wonderful little machines.

To answer DE's question though, pretty much all Atom based netbooks released now are not dual core, unless you scale to the higher end chips, and they won't be the same price as your $250 netbook was. The Atom you were looking at was likely the same chip, unless it explicitly said "dual core with hyperthreading" then it was likely not a dual core, but a single core with hyperthreading, as Nathan suggests.
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