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Default need tips on a computer problem....

i recently got my computer (2002 gateway) back from letting someone use it, finding that the memory had been stolen. i replaced the memory but couldn't get the slightest thing out of trying to boot up (no fans, no drives/power supply sounds). the only thing that seemed to connect was the small LED light on the motherboard and the power switch light.

so i took it to a repair shop, which went nowhere. it took them forever to look at it, only telling me later that the motherboard was shot, so i told them i would just pick it up to fix it myself.

when i came to pick it up, they had removed the memory, the fan, and the modem card without placing it back in, adding that the CPU, the power supply (ATX 12v 300PN is the replacement type), AND the mother board would need replacing. so i put everything back and took it home.

i read on a site that there is a common problem of a wire shorting out in the power supply cable, and that it can be tested by jumping the green wire with a ground. i did this first without the cable connected to the mother board, and it powered the power supply up (which i hadn't been able to do previously).

so then i reset the jumper and plugged the cable into the motherboard to try it again. this powered up the motherboard, including the fan and the power supply, but didn't reach the hard drive apparently, as the monitor stayed blank.

when i lightly pressed the fan while it was running (one of the 2 clips wasn't seated all the way to the hook, i know, i know.), it all shut down. i haven't been able to get it powered up again.

i would GREATLY appreciate any help with this. thanks for reading.

BTW: the computer itself is entirely stock, save for the memory that i put in after i got it back.
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