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Default Need suggestion for a better wireless router

Hey everybody. First time caller here. I have a 42" plasma 720P that I'm trying to route Netflix to via a wireless router (via a wireless capable DVD player wired to the TV), and I want to establish the best picture quality that I can. At first I tried a Belkin 300N, but there seemed to be artifacts that I wasn't seeing when the same material was viewed on my computer screen (wired directly to the router), so I decided to upgrade to a Belkin 600N. But then when I went to detect and establish the new wireless signal through the options menu of my DVD player (blue ray Panasonic 210) it gave me the option of choosing between one of the two signals it had identified emitting from the router (the DVD player is apparently only geared to process information from one of the two signals at a time). From what I've gathered so far it seems as if this new Belkin 600N speed router is transmitting 2 different signals, each at 300N, thus it calls itself a 600N speed router. So basically I replaced a $40 router with a $70 router and still have essentially the same connection speed to my TV via DVD player as I did with the previous 300N speed router. The picture does indeed look the same compared to the previous Belkin 300N.

So, as I don't have really any working knowledge of the wireless routers that are available in stores today, I'm writing in to ask...what router should I get to achieve my goal of a good high information transfer speed and best picture quality? Is there say a 600N speed router out there that concentrates all its transmitting ability into one 'channel' instead of two like the one I have now?

Thank you guys. I really do appreciate all your time and help. I'm all ears.

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Default Re: Need suggestion for a better wireless router

Before, you go off an buy another router. Do some tests first,

It could be not the router's fault but the dvd's wifi not being able to download fast enough.

So, instead what kind of a computer do you have? Do you have a HDMI out on the video card? If that is the case, try running netflix through the computer, with your T.V being your monitor. If you have the same effects, then look for a new router...

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