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Default Need some Advice for a Build!

Hi all complete noob to the forum, please bear with me. Im a professional video editor, do half my work for personal projects and the other half for cooperate work. No matter what the task is tho im doing alot of motion graphics, raw 1080p, 2.7k, 4K video files, and i also do alot of 3D Modeling and rendering. Il be the first to say ive been a "Mac Fan Boy" for a while, this has been my third Mac Pro and honestly im sick of them. Everything is such an ordeal and all the parts are ridiculous ( not to mention the computer its self ). I edit using Adobe CS6, and all my 3D work is done in Houdini/Cinema 4D ( I love 3ds Max however not supported by mac.. *Another big reason im going windows )

So basically my Latests 12 Core Mac Pro has been having issues and just being sluggish. Im not to happy working on it anymore and dealing with these issues. So im selling the old 8 Core, Giving the 12 Core to my assistant and buying myself a PC Rig to replace it.
*I have owned and worked on PC Rigs in the past however never built one from the ground up, so im a noob in that aspect.

A new 12 Core Mac Pro would of cost me $6k and for $4k i know i can have a PC that smokes that. However im wanting to build myself this time as i enjoy all the techy stuff and think im capable of doing it, and i can save some more money in the midst of it all.

Heres where i need help, im a noob with all the components now adays. Having macs i never had to worry about all this lol. So heres what im wanting and yall tell me what im missing and if its all gona come out working like i want. Also a good website to order from ? I want the whole package bought and shipped so i can just build and not wait for pieces for weeks from different places.

OS:Windows 7 PRO
Case: * Dont know yet, full sized tower+ Big window+ Flashy+ *any ideas ?
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 3960X Processor Extreme Edition (6x3.30GHz)
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 - 4GB
Power Supply: 1050 Watt - Corsair CMPSU-1050HX
Ram: 32GB or 64GB of DDR3 ( Not sure of brand )
Hard Drives: 120GB SSD (Boot Drive)
Hard Drives: 2TB 7200rpm
Disc Drive: LG Blu-ray, DVD, CD
Cooling: *** Want to do a full liquid cooled set up, As many radiators as i can cooling my CPU,GPU, and anything else. Any kits in Mind ? Water Blocks?***
Sound Card: ASUS Xonar DX
Network Card: *On Board Non Needed

So out of this please let me know what you think, how will all this work out? What am i missing or what is not compatible ? And where can i get all this pretty reasonably ? Please help on the liquid cooling as ive never had or touched a liquid cooled system so that could be interesting.

Thanks, Joe

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Default Re: Need some Advice for a Build!

Cooling wise i decided on a Swift Tech system, A Quad 120mm Radiator in the bottom and a dual 120mm rad up top. Swift Tech CPU Water Block, and a EVEGA GT680l Ready to be liquid cooled. Also Cooling the Ram ( Mostly for looks ). The loop ive planed will be
Quad Rad on bottom > Swift Tech reservoir > Swift Tech Pump > CPU water Block > GTX680 water block > Dual Rad up top > Dual Bay reservoir > Ram > back into the quad.

Any Idea on a case besides the Silverstone tJ11 thats like $980 that will fit these rads, id prefer a 90' Mother board mounted case to give me room under for the rad.
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