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Old 06-26-2005, 11:42 PM   #1
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Default Need NEW* ISP!


Currently I am paying 27.99 for 512Kbps (On a speed test it's like 460) AND it's capped @ 40GB! .... WANADOO! agr so annoying so now my contract it DEAD (hooray!!) I can look out for another one.

Have something called .....

Demon Home (19.99)


Demon HomeOffice (24.99)

I was looking at the Demon Home one, looks great!

but, is 19.99 to good to be true? 2Mbps AND no cap!!?

Wow great, anyone here used it before tell me!!!

Also, can someone EXPLANE the migrating process of moving from ISP to ISP (how long it takes and that!)


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Old 06-27-2005, 06:32 AM   #2
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Default Re: Need NEW* ISP!

This varies from service provider to provider. But if tat's what they take their word for it. And if they don't give you the service you want. then make sure you get a refund and screw them over. lol.

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Default Re: Need NEW* ISP!

It shouldn't take that long, but the older ISP can get confused.

Please note that if you signed an agreement, like a 12month contract, you'll be stuck with them until then and even if you change, they'd probably still bill you, though there is something called a month something process (if you've had it less than a month, you can canel with no hassle)

Though if this isn't the case and everythings fine, then upgrading should be rather easy. Settign up a new IP for example shouldn't take that longm, and you could probably use the same Ethernet card as you are using now.

As for that 19.99 price...it seems to good to be true, though alot of them are charging around this now, so maybe its not that bad after all.
I do agree though, capping is annoying...but 40Gb isn't bad compared to some that will give you a cap of 1GB.

Anyway, have you checked out other well known ISP's? Because I've never really heard of "Demon Home" though I know my old school used to use some kind of Demon ISP for their service, though they switched for some reason.
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