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Old 03-03-2012, 04:02 PM   #1
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Default Need help!! New build! Not sure what went wrong

So I was building my first computer, the parts are as follows:
Ultra Aluminux (Something like that) Aluminum case (from an old build)
Ultra 550 Watt Modular PSU (From an old build)
Gigabyte GA Z68X UD3H B3 Mobo
Intel i7 2600K
Corsair Vengeance 8GB RAM kit (2x4gb)
Random LG SATA2 DVD drive (from an old build)
Seagate 7200RPM 750GB HDD (From an old build)

As I was building the computer, I did have some trouble getting the motherboard into the chassis, (i checked it out and it doesn't have any visible damage) and it was bent slightly to get the CPU fan in place, but nothing extensive to my knowledge. On the first attempt to run it, everything went quite smoothly, all the Phase LEDs lit up red on bootup, though the CPU fan didn't start running until a couple of second after the *beep* from the mobo, and until then it just kind of stuttered a little. But after about halfway through Windows installation, it cut out and restarted itself. I found out that the PSU fan was dead (this is an old PSU from an old build) so I jury-rigged one of the case fans to the intake of the PSU, so now the PSU is cool to the touch. However even now it still randomly dies, all the fans stop and it resets itself, could this still be the PSU? I'm quite sure it's not overheating.

Also, after installing Windows 7 Ultimate x64, everything appears to install successfully, then it will go to the desktop for one second, then log off and shut off properly, then it will restart, go to the "Loading Operating System" screen, then it will restart itself, and just go into a loop from there on until I reinstall Windows, at which point it installs properly and does the same thing again. However when it restarts this time, the fans stay running, it seems that just the Mobo restarts.

Any help? Sorry for the long post I just wanted to give all the info I could. I think the full resets are related to the PSU being more damaged than I can see, but I have no idea about the resets where the fans keep spinning? Could it be the Mobo? Do I need drivers? Or a bad HDD is also possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


PS: I'm using the onboard graphics, the EVGA card will be added later

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Default Re: Need help!! New build! Not sure what went wrong

Hopefully you didn't damage the motherboard when you installed the CPU fan. This is why I always install the cpu, memory and fan on the motherboard before installing it into the case.

We know there is a problem with the PSU. Replace the PSU and report back.

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Default Re: Need help!! New build! Not sure what went wrong

The motherboard should be okay even when slightly bent around the CPU slot. All my mobos are like, usually when its using a aftermarket HSF or the Intel push pins.

Like OhSnapWord said, get a new PSU, or find a temp one, and see if that works out. Hopefully your other components getting damaged when the PSU went out.
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Default Re: Need help!! New build! Not sure what went wrong

I am sorry to hear that .But u said Ultra Aluminux (Something like that) Aluminum case (from an old build) May be the problem was cause by it .
My computer is also combine by Aluminum case (is new ).U can ask some information from expert or producer Maybe they can help u .
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