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Old 06-03-2010, 12:16 AM   #1
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Default Need help major help

So here is what I have and what I'm dealing with.

Gaming computer (was) (e something)
Intel D845GRG
Radeon X1300 ATI AGP PRO 256M
1.256G RAM
Pentium 4 2.4Ghz processor
Western Digital 200 and 800 (200 is main)
WD200 = 20gb WD800 = 80gb

Dell dimension 4500
Other computer
DELL E210882
64M VCard (sad)
Pentium 4 2.4ghz processor
Seagate Barracuda 20gb hd (like it)

So... I have two or three iso images on separate disks of Winxp home sp3 (2) and Winxp Pro sp3 (activated no serial needed) (1)

Installed the pro on my dell no prob, took a while but yeah, got sound, internet and everything, still it feels strange.

Now the gaming computer, that I have been having problems with forever. I had win xp home on it before, but I got F#$%$D with SecuROM rendering all games useless... (I'm a torrent junkie for personal purposes no selling here)

So I decided to do the ol' format and reboota'roo
Unfortunately this easy partitioning and what not is not going so well, I must've tried 20 times and still no go. The burning speed of the iso image is so picky, it will say random things like "cant access apie.sys" or something...

I did get it to load up but I have no sound, nor do I have internet, it's like, it tries to "dial a tone" and yeah I have a working LAN line and it says it has no dial... it's like wtf... it works fine on the dimension 4500 but not here..

Since both computers have same processors, I figured hey... why not swap and use the dell? Problem is, RAM is good, but video card is not. That's what I need. And it's like how do you install a driver and still see the video output? I mean is the radeon x1300 compatible with the E210882 motherboard? As far as slots go. I know the 64M has 3 slots and the radeon only has 2 well 3 but 2 have the actual contacts...

Any help? I really want to play Bioshock 2 again... (need to fill my fix)

thanks for the help

Review on problems
-No internet (must be ethernet driver)
-No audio (not even audio icon shows up and doesn't detect any audio devices)
-winxp never installs right consistently
-Is radeon x1300 agp ati pro compatible with E210882

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Default Re: Need help major help

You're using bootleg software. You'll get no help from here.

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Default Re: Need help major help

already then no prob
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