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Old 06-06-2004, 07:13 PM   #1
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Angry Need help with DSL!

I tried to get my DSL up and running last night. I've had AOL since 4.0:uhh: I know, I know. As a matter of fact I still use 4.0 because it has less pop-ups than any of the newer versions. 9.0 is faster for browsing web pages, though. But anyway, I ordered Qwest with MSN at 1500/?, I forget the upload. I follow the install CD, everything is hooked up fine, and the last step is setting up/connecting Gateway. I must have waited twenty minutes. I start looking through the setup brochures and it says open a browser(IE). I open IE and "failed page" or whatnot comes up. Now the entire time that its been "setting up Gateway" AOL 9.0 has been starting up on its own. So I unhook the phone on the Actiontec and plug that back into my 56k and AOL goes online and "setting up Gateway" is done in a matter of seconds. So now I think everything’s fine. I click on MSN, name/password, the happy little butterfly starts flapping his wings, then AOL pops up. I ignore it. Butterfly is still flapping. Then it pops up “Can’t connect online to MSN” What the F&%^? So I close it all and try again. Sure enough AOL pops up, so I sign in, then MSN connects and its extremely slow. So its like they’re both running on my 56k! So that’s where Im at. The Actiontec has the Power, DSL, and Ethernet lights on green. The PC is an older Compaq, AMD K6-2 at 550mhz I think, I just put in some more RAM when I put the Ethernet card in. 256mb of RAM, the Ethernet card is a 3com tx595 or something. Umm…that all I can think of, if you know what I need to do, please let me know. I did call the 24 hour support line…yeah, automated POS. Thanks.

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Default Re: Need help with DSL!

Right click on your explorer Icon and choose properties or choose tools and internet options with the explorer open. . Choose connections, youll see a window which should have now two connections to your isp's
1 to aol 1 to msn-delete both to use dsl, del aol to use msn-del msn to use aol for dialup-the system is by default trying to dial your modem and call aol.
To use dsl by default choose connections and select the lan button, turn on automatically detect settings. In connections select never dial.
Your computer will now default to the dsl connection.

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AOL always pisses about with programs and Internet; if you want to use AOL only use AOL - if you want to use MSN then delete AOL.
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