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Default Need help deciding which upgrade to get.

I only have $100 to buy some upgrades for my computer. I have a single core AMD processor with a clock of 2.70 Ghz, and an on board 6150 SE Nvidia GPU. I want to know which would increase my performance in gaming the most, a new processor (the most I could upgrade to would be a dual core), or a new graphics card.

And here's another factor to consider. I only have a PCI-E 1.0 x16 slot. I know that 2.0 x16 cards are compatible with 1.0 x16 slots, but won't be performing at their max.

So with that said, which would be the better upgrade for gaming? I know that I can get a dual core and a decent card with $100, but I also need a new power supply if I'm going to get a new card.

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Default Re: Need help deciding which upgrade to get.

I say sell your tower and use that $100, and the money ull make by selling your tower, and purchase a new tower somewhere online, bestbuy even has good towers with good hardware built in, thats the better option, anything u upgrade is not going to be there max on an old pc, take it from me, i decided upgrading hardware was a waste with my stonage pc, so im getting a new one, soon, spending like 700 on a tower alone, intel i3 core processor, hd graphics, audio, ect..

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Default Re: Need help deciding which upgrade to get.

I'm not sure if buying a new tower with built-in parts would help, but both your processor and video card are nothing to write home about.

Honestly, I'd save up a little and do what vic is suggesting. Get yourself some dough and go a complete overhaul. But, if you ABSOLUTELY had to upgrade your current system, I'd pick up a video card. Having on-board graphics won't cut it for any gaming.

What's your current PSU?
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