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Old 10-31-2005, 12:52 PM   #1
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Default Need help buying a new computer.

I've decided to just buy a pre-built computer this time instead of buying all the parts off newegg and having someone put it together for me. I did that with my last comp and had nothing but problems. So i'd rather pay an extra couple hundred dollars just so i have no headaches this time.

Now, i know a little about computers but not alot. Especailly not enough to make an informed decision about buying one.

Here's the deal:

I have $1,500 dollars to spend, and i want a gaming machine. I know for sure i want 2 gigs of RAM and a very good video card. Other than that i'm not really sure. I dont need highest of the high end, but i want something pretty good.

A friend of mine bought a computer from www.ibuypower.com and was fairly pleased with it. I just thought i'd check with people who know alot about computers before i splurge on one.

What are some good sites to buy pre-made computers? is ibuypower any good?

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Default Re: Need help buying a new computer.

Ibuypower is ok... check these vendors too: abs, voodoo, alienware, cyberpower, monarch systems, velocity micro, widow pc, and puget systems. Personally, I would go cyberpower because of what I've heard, but some people on here have had otherwise, so... Ibuypower I guess.

Macbook Pro and Logitech z5500s. All you really need.
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Default Re: Need help buying a new computer.

Ok, thanks a bunch. Now i need some advice on what to exactly put in the computer.

Here's what I was thinking of: http://www.ibuypower.com/ibp/store/c...r.aspx?mid=103

Power Supply - Should i go with the standard? or will i need something beefier?

Processor - Should i stay with the Athlon 64 3000+? is it worth spending a little extra money in this area?

Cooling - I had bad coolilng problems with my last computer, so i went with water-cooling. Is it safe? does it really do a better job than the heatsink/fan?

Motherboard - nforce4 ok? again i'm not up to date on the new motherboards.

RAM - Definately want the 2 gigs, but should i get the XMS? is it really that much better?

Video Card - My current card is the ATI 9600xt, i'd like this to be a significant upgrade. What is the difference between the PCI-Express and the 2x PCI-Express? is it worth getting? I currently have the 6800GT 256mb highlighted...is it good?

Raid Stuff - I have no idea what the Raid Controller/Config is, care to explain? should i add it?

These are the things i was mainly confused about, thanks in advance.
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Default Re: Need help buying a new computer.

psu: that 450W psu will be enough unless u plan on using SLI

processor: I'd get a better one. the fx series kick some major butt in gaming, though it is damn expensive. I'd go with the x2 4400+.

Single cores are better at gaming atm but soon most of the games will take full support of the dual core processor. And the dual core is way better at multitasking. Or then go for the athlon 64 4000+ if u want a single core processor. But I'd take the dual core.

cooling: U will be fine with the air cooling, but if u are going to oc then that water cooling kit will come usefull. And from what I understand it is already installed so no worries there.

mobo: that seems like a good choise to me.

ram: yes 2Gb is the way to go. And yes, I would go with the XMS, I just don't like the value ram.

vid card: If u can afford it go for the 7800GTX. If u can't then look for cheaper options. The 6800GT is also a very good card, though I have seen some ppl experiencing some problems with it.

Raid stuff: I don't know what that raid controller is. But those raid setups (raid0 and raid1) are used to improve the harddrive performance. U need to have 2 hdd's and then when they have raid0 setup they somehow work together to improve the speed. Since it seems to be free (?) if u take 2 hdd's then I'd take the raid0 setup. If I'm talking just crap here someone plz correct me
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