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Default Need Help. BSOD

Hi fellas, I'm not sure if this is the right section for this, if it's not, just remove or move.

OK, here's my problem. I have a custom-built computer. About a year old, worked great until now. On it, I have 2 hard drives which I installed XP and Vista on it (not sure if it was such a good idea now). Now, on Vista, it gets the fatal error screen, or the blue screen of death. On XP, it got some system errors in the beginning, now it boots up fine but there are still some problems.

Here are the problems:
When boot on XP, it shuts off by itself after couple of minutes, sometimes more, sometimes less. Also, when I tried to transfer the movie, Happy Feet into my external HD, it auto-reboot when it's near done. Other movies are fine, I don't know why.
If I try to reboot it, instead of rebooting, it just shuts off.
When try to boot into Vista, after the loading screen (with the logo and green bar), it show the BSOD.
I tried to reformat the computer, but when I try with XP, after it finish the loading screen (first part, before it load the logo and the copy & format screen), it just shuts off. When I try with Vista, after it finish the loading from disk screen, it get the fatal system error.

I tried changing the HD, same result. Tried different PSU, same result. I'm thinking if it may be the motherboard, RAM, or maybe both HD was damaged? I haven't tried different DVD-drive yet because it's late right now, maybe I'll try tomorrow.

I don't think it is the PSU, because I tried two different ones and the computer shuts off at the same thing when I try to reformat. But I'm out of ideas, and it's getting so frustrating. If anyone have any idea, please help.

I was going to try to install Ubuntu on it but then I realize I don't have any CD-R's with me, anyone thing it's worth a try?

Operating system: XP SP2 on one HD, Vista Ultimate on another.
Motherboard: ECS nforce 570.
CPU chip: Intel C2D 6400 (not OC)
Memory type: Patriot DDR2 667, 2GB. Dual Channel.
Video card: BFG Geforce 7600gt.
Sound card: on board.
Any other pci cards: I had some, but I removed them, didn't seem to make a difference to the problem.
Hard drives: Seagate Barracuda x 2. 400GB each.
Optical drives make and model: NEC Burner & LG DVD-ROM. (I do not have a floppy drive)
Power supply make and model: Ultra 600W. Also another, but forgot what it is.

If anyone need any more info about it, I'll try my best to get more infos on it. Thank you.

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Default Re: Need Help. BSOD

I'm reckoning the RAM, since a lot of blue screens relate to this.

Since you have 2GB's, I'm guessing you have 2x 1GB's? If so, turn off the PC, take one stick out, and try loading into Windows again.

Any luck? If not, try the other stick.

If one boots then its the RAM, as I can be pretty sure in saying both won't be faulty, but I guess it can happen. It wouldn't produce exactly the same result I wouldn't have thought though.

So yeah, try that. If it fixes it, simply replace the RAM

If it doesn't, like with mine, it could be a voltage problem, with the motherboard not giving the RAM enough of it, but we'll come to that only if we need to

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Default Re: Need Help. BSOD

Okay lets first part. The movie happy feet. You say it works fine with other movies just not this one. This leads me to believe the one of the Movie Files is corrupt. Why it would reboot instead of just saying it can't copy is beyond me.

Go to your manufactures websites and download HD diagnostic tools to see if any drives are corrupt.

Second what your saying if you try a restart it won't post right? You have to do a full shutdown then manually press the power to get it to post. Thats strange not sure what would cause that. Does it go anywhere or just reset itself or just shutdown completly?

Otherwise are you having any other problems in XP besides the Happy feet problem?

Now on to Vista. Your saying it just hangs up right after the splash screen right? Gets a black screen before the logo and user prompt it just bsod's.

First thing you need to do is boot Vista into safe mode and see if it loads up. Easiest way to do this is as soon as you select Vista as the boot and it starts loading hit the F8 key. It will bring up a prompt screen and select to boot into safe mode. If it boots up fine with the basic drivers that should indicate your having some type of driver issue. I've had that problem myself after splash although mine did not BSOD it just went black.

Solution for this boot into XP and go online to your motherboard manufactures website and download the latest chipset drivers. Make sure you download either 32bit or 64bit depending on your Vista version. Also make sure all of your other drivers are in the correct format but i'm guessing the biggest thing you need is correct chipset drivers to at least get into Vista.

After you have confirmed you've got the correct chipset drivers try a reboot and report back.

Kage covered the ram pretty much that would be the next step if the above doesn't solve it. That would be my first thing with the ram though is go into the bios and make sure the timings and voltage are at manufactures spec's.
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Default Re: Need Help. BSOD

Thanks guys, I'll try these and post up the result later.

To Mattie: When I restart, it act like shutdown. It show the normal shutting down screen, but instead of restarting, it just shuts off (just like shutdown).
Also, for Vista, I tried safe mode, didn't work, same result.

You guys think any chance it's a virus? Since I left the computer at home, other people uses it and might have downloaded something.
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