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Default Re: Need a gaming keyboard

This is fairly old, but going to perform some necromancy on it just to give a bit of advice for anyone asking this.

I have a Logitech G510, and I prefer Dvorak keyboards. I kept the keyboard in the Qwerty setup for about a year, to let the warranty wear off, so it'd be covered if it crapped itself during that period. Once that was through, and the keyboard remained in good shape, I decided to transform it to Dvorak layout.

I pulled all the keys and replaced them into Dvorak... except the home keys. Logiteck decided to invert the 'T' connector for the home keys. So the 'F' and 'J' keys wouldn't go into another slot, and the 'U' and the 'H' keys wouldn't fit on the home key pegs. Logitech claimed to of never heard of Dvorak or why I thought they should burn in hell forever.

I instead went simple and got a small nail and a handy lighter. Heated the nail up to glowing hot and melted a new slot into all 4 of those keys to allow them to fit into their new homes. And presto change'o I had a nice Dvorak gaming keyboard.

Still, I wish companies would just make a set of Dvorak key caps. That's the only thing they need. And if all the keys are the same, then only need a set of 4 key caps to handle the little bumps on the home keys. And sometime 3 or so key caps to handle the change of the 'W', 'S', and 'D' if there's differences with the WASD area for gaming.

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