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Default Re: Need ebay laptop advice QUICK!!! need refund faulty item advice

Originally Posted by Antdemo View Post
Xtreme is so correct and 1rep because thats well helpful.

Can't you get money back on damaged goods? paypal covers anything upto 500 right?

But hold on, I ain't even read the TOS on paypal so wtf would I know I don't know.
the reason I said don't hold breath with the paypal is because they will "generally" only do anything for if an item is not delivered, but sometimes will help mediate with damages. I know paypal here in the US is $200, I don't know the conversion for pounds offhand so I'm not sure on that. Thanks for the rep by the way.

Sorry to say that if you didn't test properly AND you misrepresented yourself to him your going to be up that certain brown creek without a paddle.

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Default Re: Need ebay laptop advice QUICK!!! need refund faulty item advice

Originally Posted by xtremezx2 View Post
He may be a douch, but he kind of covered his butt pretty well with that. You are obviously not a professional. There are a number of things that could have happened while you were putting it in that damaged it, you didn't bother running it up outside before putting it in (the best idea if possible, you know if it works before going through the hassle), were you wearing a grounding strap, you may have shorted the board without even realizing it. Could have also been damaged in shipment.
What form of payment did you use? You may be able to file a claim with paypal if he won't replace it, but I wouldn't hold my breath that you will get anything.
He has a pretty good argument unfortunately and you obviously weren't completely honest with him being he says he won't sell to someone without a site for computer repair. You could try to tell him you ran it up out of the case first, but that will be difficult because if it didn't work before why did you put it in and if it did work before then your obviously screwed and would have busted it putting it in. Sorry, just my .02 man, good luck with it.
thank you xtremem that was really helpful 1+. just one question a grounding strap would be attached to my wrist and then to where? which part of the motherboard?

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