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Old 05-18-2012, 10:43 AM   #11
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Default Re: Need computer gaming help

Um, yeah, I just totally disagree with OhSnapWord. True gaming computers bring in new variables that your basic computer just won't encounter. I shouldn't really need to list them out, but think along the lines of more advanced hardware (which comes with a better understanding of such hardware, such as GPU, micro-stuttering, SLI/Crossfire, etc) the probable need for better cooling management (such as after-market coolers, more or higher quality fans, fan controllers, etc) and with gaming, commonly people will overclock, and I shouldn't need to explain that this is an entirely different and sometimes complicated area. It's a higher end "desktop", sure, but that's not it in a nut-shell. A harrier jet is more impressive and expensive than a simple biplane, but do think one who could make a biplane, could easily stick together a harrier jet?

Avoiding screen tearing I believe to be preference. I have a nice Samsung 20" LCD 16:9 monitor, but it's sadly limited to 60Hz, but I can just use v-sync (although without a controller, input lag is apparent, for me) and some games I just don't care about tearing, as it simply isn't that noticeable, for me. If someone has the money to blow (to really blow) then I can't fault getting past the common 60Hz, else it's just a waste of money. Must admit, though.. if I come across a monitor with a high Hz that doesn't break the bank... I'm gonna snap it up. [:

My rig's specifications can be found here:
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Default Re: Need computer gaming help

If someone built a desktop, they can certainly build a gaming computer. A gaming computer is different for everybody. Obviously the more hardcore gamers would want SLI/Corssfire setups with bleeding edge CPUs overclocked into oblivion.

A more casual gamer would be happy with a single middle/high end video card and a higher end processor, like an i5. Doesn't necessarily have to be overclocked.

It all depends on what the end user's goals are and how much they're willing to spend.

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Okay so an HDTV 120hz would be awesome for it? And what's the most reliable brand to go with? I heard alienware is awesome but they overprice (i think).

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