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Default Re: n00b harddrive question

Originally Posted by Salvatiosix
Well, heres my situation.
I had a p2 300mhz homemade system that ran the internet and played mp3s (thats all i used it for in my room) Nothing hardcore, just small amounts of surfing and mp3s playing 75% of the time.

Well the Harddrive got fried due to a virus.
My question is, What do i do to make everything work again?

Do i just need to get a new harddrive? Plug it all in, then reinstall windows 98 ( i dont need xp whatsoever on this machine) and it will work perfectly again?

What happens when you get a new HD out of the box, just plug it in, install windows and you are rolling?

Second question, If in fact this is all true and i do get a new harddrive, I need those windows 98 discs to install 98 on the new hd.

All i have is ME and im pretty sure it sucks. Does anyone have these 98 discs and would possibly burn them for me.

I would send cd-rs and shipping costs 100%.

Thank you very much.

PS does anyone have a old one they would sell?

I dont need more than 20gigs
Question 1.Just plug in the new one.
But you need a system disc,i can email you one.
2.Windows millenium doesn't suck,trust me.It's 2 years newer.
You might go dvd someday.

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