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Default Is My Ti4200 toast?

A week ago, my video card started locking up when ever I played any game requiring 3d. It would run for a few seconds, then lock for many seconds. I tried everything from downgrading to dx8.1, downgrading drivers, all making sure the old drivers were totally gone. I tried everything short of an os reinstall.

Now, I have a new Abit IC7, I've upgraded to XP... Same Problem. This time, when I did a fresh install of xp, I tried the card with 30.82 drivers and 8.1. No good, same problem. I updated the drivers... No good. I upgraded Dx to 9.0a. Still no good. Anytime my card is required to use 3d, it freezes, even sometimes crashing, sending me to a 4bit 640x480 desktop, or just plain restarting my computer. I can not think of anything else that would be causing me problems besides a toasted card.

I've tried it on two different mobos, with 2 different os's, with multiple versions of drivers and DirectX.... nothing at all works. Nothing will fix my problem.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm about to trash it and get an ATI if I can't get it working. Fuck... God damn nvidia is starting to piss me off.

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Default Re: Is My Ti4200 toast?

That card has to be at least 7 years old dude, no way can you blame Nvidia for it.
I would recommend to see if your computer has the proper airflow it needs to cool the card.

You say you upgraded to XP, what were you using before??

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Default Re: Is My Ti4200 toast?

You sure it is not your memory?
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Default Re: Is My Ti4200 toast?

Yea, that Ti4200 is ancient compared to today's technology. Don't blame Nvidia for it's untimely death. If anything, you should be thanking Nvidia for creating a video card that has served you well all these years.

Here's the bright side, depending on the manufacturer of your particular card, it may be covered under a lifetime warranty entitling you to a replacement. Being that it is so old, they will more than likely upgrade you to a better card.
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