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Default My task manager & MSConfig don't work all of a sudden?

Hiya everyone!

Well. This has a little story to go with it. So here goes...

A long long time ago (about a week), In a building not far here. I took my computer to the store, because I messed it up even more. I tried to add in a mobo, but it made me a little hobo... I'll stop trying to rhyme now...

Well, I got a motherboard for my computer, and tried to slap it all together. Didn't work, and I knew it was all in right... Was pissing me off, so took it into a shop (DSG) to make sure, although they decided to say my power supply was bad, bla bla bla trying to make money. I baught their damn power supply, and it was still not working. They told me my CPU was fried, i'm like "screw it" because i'm too poor to buy a CPU, since I don't have a job. So then I slapped the old stuff together, and it was kinda working, only at a hot temperature, took it to a differen't shop (FutureShop... baaaad idea...) since I had warrenty. No clue on what the hell they did, they took off my password without asking me, and wanted to wipe my computer because it appearently was starting up slowly due to "spyware". I believe it was starting up slowly due to the fact that I have a webserver running off of it, and due to the fact that I only have 256 ram. So I get it back, and now I can't open task manager... I was like... Okay? MSConfig doesn't work either (it's nice to stop stupid programs from opening... like quicktime... it's annoying...).

Well, if anyone can help. Then please do! lol

-Thanks in advance!
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