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Default Re: MY NEW PC!!!! Check it OUT!!

Originally Posted by TRDCorolla1
How long did it take you to get the parts for everything?
Thats why there is http://www.zipzoomfly.com

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Default Re: MY NEW PC!!!! Check it OUT!!

Actually, what I meant to say was did he get everything all at one time, or piece by piece? Over a period of a week, two weeks, etc? I'm so poor now I can only get parts two weeks at a time until I can get more cash. All I have is the case, all the fans, floppy drive, and the motherboard. Memory, video card, and processor is going to be killer for me to pay because I'm aiming for high end stuff. I still need the DVD burner, TV tuner card, hard drive, cables, and sound card. I hope to get this system complete at least before the end of next month and that is a long ways away. I wish I had parents to give me money too.

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Default Re: MY NEW PC!!!! Check it OUT!!

Originally Posted by Giancarlo
Well I use a different category camera.. just 4MP one.. not digital SLR as you may know. My 4mp Casio Exilim takes less then a second per shot at full resolution which is one of the fastest for that category.

The Exilim is small, beats out 4/5MP Canons and Sonys in quality, and is a fast little sucker. It weighs a mere five ounces.
Yeah, that one is nice. But the screen is so small that I could go blind.
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Default Re: MY NEW PC!!!! Check it OUT!!

Airiox, we reported ZipzoomFly to the BBB since they had false advertising. THEY SUCK!! I HATE THEM!! I ordered Kingston HyperX Low Latency from them originally, however.... It said in stock, but was actually backordered at the time I ordered it!! They lied, and then they said it shipped and would arrive Friday of last last week! They sent me an email on Saturday saying it was backordered....... WTF is that? ZZF SuckS!! I used newegg.com and got my parts in 2 days... And Monarch in 2 days as well... ZZF nothing. So I cancelled my order from them, and got Ballistix and SOundCard from newegg! Came yesterday evening... Sooner then expected yet again!! I love newegg.com and www.monarchcomputer.com

Anyways, I ordered all the parts at the same time! IT was easy, and I got the parts all in the same day (except for the evil ZipZoomFly's RAM and SC....) Anyways, still having issues with the new PC, But i will work them out!

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