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Default Is my motherboard bad?

I started having problems with my computer a few weeks ago, and they just kept getting worse and worse.

Here are my specs:
Intel Q6600
MSI P6N SLI Platinum
500W Ultra PSU (crappy, I know)

I originally had 2x2GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800MHz (1.8V) in my PC, but it kept freezing sporadically. The freezing got more and more frequent, until it came to the point where I couldn't even boot up.

I tried different DIMMs, but they were all causing issues. I tried the following sets:
Crucial Ballistix 2x1GB 1066MHz (2.0V)
Crucial Ballistix 2x1GB 1066MHz (2.2V)
G.Skill 2x1GB 800MHz (1.8-2.0V)

Memtest passed on every single Ballistix stick, but it failed if I put two sticks in at a time. I can only run Windows with one stick. The G.Skill sticks don't even post (not even with just one stick). One of the Corsair sticks posted, but crashed before Windows could boot up. The other Corsair stick didn't post. I also got random beeping from the computer when I had two sticks (don't remember which set) in. I also had weird letters show up a few times on the screen when the computer failed to post.

I tested the Corsair stick (the only one that would post) on Memtest, and it failed it. I put both sticks in my brother's computer, and they both ran Windows 7 completely fine. I didn't Memtest them though. The G.Skill DIMMs were also in my brother's computer, and they ran it completely fine as well. (These were also in my computer a few years ago, running it fine).

I really don't know what to do. This all started happening after I cleaned all of the wires underneath my desk. I don't know if I somehow fried my motherboard, and I'm still confused as to how I can stably run Windows 7 with only 1 Ballistix DIMM, yet fail to even boot up with other ram.

I've tried resetting the CMOS, removing all other PCI cards, switching my graphics card (I also recently upgraded from a 7900GS to a GTS 250), and a few other things. I'm at wit's end. Can anyone help?

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Old 12-28-2009, 07:37 PM   #2
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Default Re: Is my motherboard bad?

I actually have a similar issue as you man, mine started blue screening then all of a sudden it wouldn't even boot into windows, it would just blue screen as it loads, it has an issue running both my RAM sticks (exactly the same type and speed) together but individually it runs fine, I've tried swapping them over and moving one stick into the 1st and 2nd and still fine, but my PC doesn't like em together. Weird huh, so I've tried every diagnostic I can think of and I'm now 99% sure it's a manufacturing problem with the motherboard or some sort, so I'm taking it back tomorrow to have it replaced I think.

hope you work out your issue.
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