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Default My monitor randomly says "No signal detected"

OK so I was playing The Sims 2 Double Deluxe when my monitor suddenly blacked out and said "No signal detected". I could hear the fan of my computer running as well as some lights still turned on. I first plugged and replugged the power/video cables (from both the monitor and the back of the computer). I tried to use the power button (which I configured to make it go into standby mode instead of powering off), but to no avail. I had no choice but to restart my computer. It's been about an hour since then, no PC gaming (except for some browser-based checkers) and I haven't had a problem. BTW this happened twice while I was playing the same game (about a 10 minute gap between each incident).

The second time I restarted, I got a BSOD ( ) and I restarted it again and had no problems since then.

I was playing the game on relatively average settings, most settings low except texture detail and object detail high.

I just installed a 1GB stick of RAM into my computer a couple of days ago.

Here are my specs:

-BENQ T705 17" monitor
-Intel Celeron 3.06gHz (model 346)
-1.5 GB of DDR400 RAM (1GB Patriot stick, plus a 512MB Rendition brand stock stick that came with the PC)
-Integrated ATI Radeon Express 200 Series with 128MB of memory (since it is integrated I can change it up to 256MB, but I keep it at 128MB for most of the time).
-PSU I believe is around 350W--400W and came with the computer
-Running Windows XP SP3

My PC is a 2006 MDG Vision. This has never happened before I installed the 1GB stick, which has been running just fine in other areas for the past few days. I have played the same game prior to installing the new 1GB stick and it always ran fine (no problem like this).

What could be causing this to happen?

PS Sorry for the extremely long post

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Default Re: My monitor randomly says "No signal detected"

Maybe your onboard video is going out or over heating.If it only messes up when your playin the game than try and lower the setting to the lowest than see what happens.
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