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Default My laptop won't turn on after memory upgrade!

I have a Sony Vaio S460 laptop.

Recently it had been lagging really bad, and so I was advised that it might be a power supply problem, or, another solution would be to upgrade the memory.

I went to my local computer store asking about it, and he recommended trying to upgrade the memory (I currently had two 256 MB memory sticks, for a total of 512). I told him my model number, and he pointed me to a Kingston 1 GB memory stick, and said he was pretty sure that it would be compatible. Since it was only $10, I bought two of them.

Ok, so I went ahead and replaced the two 256 MB memory sticks with my newly acquired 1 GB memory sticks. But after I put the laptop back together, and I pushed the power button, nothing showed up on the screen (although the lights indicated the power was at least on).

I went back and replaced one of the 1 GB with a 256 MB, but now in addition to the blank screen, it wasn't even showing the light that power was on!

At that point, I went ahead and put the other 256 MB stick in (so this would be how it was before I upgraded), and again, it wouldn't even turn on!

I took out the memory stick from inside the computer, and tried to have the computer turn on with just the 256 MB in the other slot, no luck. I tried to turn it on with the 1 GB in the other slot (and again, leaving the other slot empty), and still, no power!

What's going on?!?! I really hope it isn't something major, but I don't understand how it could be considering all I did was swap out the memory sticks, and even then, I went back to how it was and still no power.

I'm stumped.

Ok, I actually may be one step closer to figuring out the problem, though I don't know what to make of the following:

I took the battery out and any other connection, and held the power button for a few seconds. After that, without reinserting the batter, I only connected the adapter to the laptop, and it turned on! I have the new 1 GB or RAM, and it was recognized on my computer. So, at that point, I thought I was in the clear.

Except there still is a problem. I shut off the computer, reinsert the battery, but I was back to the same problem where the computer wouldn't turn on! So I figured maybe it's a bad battery, and since I have another one, I went to try the other. Still didn't work. I unhooked the adapter, took out the battery, held the power button for a few seconds, hooked the adapter back in, and again, the computer worked fine.

What's the problem? How could both batteries be bad? When I initially tried to put the two new sticks of RAM, the computer would power on, but have a blank screen. After that, I didn't get anything. I may have changed the battery in both instances, but logically only one of then would be bad at this point since the computer didn't even work except for that one time.

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