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Default Is my laptop fan overheating?

In the last two weeks my laptop started turning itself off around 30 mins into gaming. The game shouldn't push the CPU that much since the graphics are set to low/medium. For normal internet browsing I'm getting around 46-48 C for both of my cores. Then when I start playing my game in high performance mode, my core temperatures reaches 83-85 C. At least they were the degrees I got from after 10 mins gaming, the temperature before overheating shutdown could be higher.

As for the fan speed, I get around 2300 RPM at normal browsing and 3700 RPM at gaming. My laptop is the ASUS K55VM.

Please tell me what you think. Thanks.

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Default Re: Is my laptop fan overheating?

Try software like Afterburner to monitor video card cooling. It has a built-in testing program so you don't need to run a game.

These days OS's utilize advanced video card capabilities with many things everything. Even the GUI.

Don't forget the basics of course. Blow inside the laptop with high pressure air to get rid of any blockage. The heat sink fins could be dusty.

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Default Re: Is my laptop fan overheating?

If your video-chip has a sensor and a fan you can download speedfan and trigger the fan to 60% should cool it down.

If this computer is the i7 then I suggest cleaning it inside because it shouldn't be doing this with that specs, this is ofc if you have the laptop I think you have.
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Default Re: Is my laptop fan overheating?

Also to help with airflow I'd suggest getting a laptop cooling tray to help..
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Default Re: Is my laptop fan overheating?

The very first thing you need to do is get a can of compressed air and blow the dust out of the vents. The small vents in laptops are highly susceptible to being clogged by dust.
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