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Default My in depth multiple comp problems

Comp Specs
2x 512 stick crucial ram DDR 2 PC2 5300
ATX 500W dual 12v PSU
EVGA 6800GS 256mb PCI expressx16
ASPIRE X-Navigator ATXA9NW-SS/500 Silver Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
Intel Pentium 4 630 Prescott 800MHz FSB LGA 775 EM64T
ABIT NI8-SLI GR Socket T (LGA 775) NVIDIA nForce 4 SLI Intel Edition ATX Intel Motherboard
Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 ST3300622AS 300GB Serial ATA 7200RPM Hard Drive w/16MB Buffer

Alright to start it off here is the history leading up to now. Me and a friend put it together and did everything carefully. The ABIT mobo has a postcode screen on the mobo itself and untiled I had cleared the cmos we couldnt even get the post screen to come up. Here is the first problem. Once I figured that out I installed windows and everything and what not. When you start my comp up it gets stuck on an AO(post code) and you wont get a screen or a beep and it sits there. Sometimes it doesnt do this and it will post but most of the time I have to restart it once or twice and then it will pass on and take me to a screen asking f1 to continue and delete to enter post. So I can hit f1 and continue and do everything like normal. So thats the first problem. Here is the second problem. I HAD NO BIOS. Everytime I would try to get into my bios it would just go to a black screen and I would get a flashing tab on the top left of the screen and it would just sit there. Everytime I tried so I couldnt get into my BIOS. So I tried troubleshooting the problem for a while and was told to flash my bios. So first things first I get uguru to try to update my comp and what not before I flash it and it installs fine and everything. Only problems is windows wont allow me to open up uguru. Blackbox and flashmenu work fine but everytime I try to open it all I get is a windows error telling me that it needs to be closed. So that sucks. I got pissed and decided to flash it anyways. Got the latest etc etc etc flashed it then cleared my bios and then started it up and BAM. I had bios. Didnt tinker with anything atm just let it go but I did go into a few times yesterday. Now today I restarted my comp to go look into bios(since uguru still wont open even after I flashed my bios) and not only did I have to restart it a few times to get it to run but bam no bios again. So apparently it worked I just dont know why its not working now. And now for my last problem. I have only noticed this problem while playing World of warcraft and one other time playing a steam game. MY comp would just crash. No error no warnings just boom and it would restart and then obviously not restart all the way cause it would get stuck again so I dont know what is up with that. Checked my heat and the gpu was never getting hot. (GPU and HD only temp I can check with everrest everything else reads wrong with my particular type of mobo) So there it is. All my problems and what I have done so far. So if anyone has any idea how to fix these or has been having the same problems please let me know. Thanks for taking to time to read this and for responding ^_~

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Default Re: My in depth multiple comp problems

I Have Been Reading The Manual For Your Mobo.
My First Question Is This:
Did You Make Sure All Power Including The +5v Standby Was Off Before You Moved The Cmos Jumper?
There Is A Warning That You May Screw Up The P.c If This Was Not The Case.

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Default Re: My in depth multiple comp problems

I havent seen this affect a computer like that since the blockade of eeprom port 67 in 1996.

That day was sad - and I had to have a photo taken for a photoshoot for my new book


Try restarting?
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