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Old 06-22-2006, 06:28 PM   #1
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Default My computer keep's shutting off..

Well, I got a new motherboard and a processor, It works and everything. But it keeps shutting off (This was before) Keep reading - IT was working after I first got it every 2 hours it would shut off, the guy at Frys Electronics said I needed Thermal Compound. So I go there and I get Theram Compound Tape, I return home and I put it on and it shuts off every 15 seconds now, And then the prcoessor turns extremely hot.... Anyone know how to fix this?

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Default Re: My computer keep's shutting off..

I never heard of thermal tape. Use thermal pads or thermal grease. Pads are easy to put on. For thermal grease, apply a drop the size of a rice grain. Make sure the bottom of the heatsink and the top surface of the CPU is clean before doing this. Use alcohol to remove the crap leftover from the previous thermal compound. Make sure you have a fan mounted on the heatsink too.

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Default Re: My computer keep's shutting off..

Just a question matt, did you take off the heatsink and fan and just put on thermal tape (what ever that is) and leave it like that? :S The way you are discribing it sounds like that's exactly what you did...and that isn't going to work. I suggest removing your heatsink and fan and reseating it, and make sure your CPU fan is turned on and working. If you still are having issues, goto your nearest computer store and ask for assistance...i'm sure they'll be happy to help.
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Old 06-28-2006, 11:41 AM   #4
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Default Re: My computer keep's shutting off..

I would never use thermal tape. It doesn't have the heat protection that regular thermal compound has. I would just go to the nearest computer store and buy a tube of thermal compound. They come in just small tubes good for only a few applications. Try that and see if it helps.
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Default Re: My computer keep's shutting off..

MattXCore, I don't know if you solved your problem at this writing, but I had a similar problem.

I replaced a processor with a new one, scrapped off the heat pad from the heat sink and applied a small drop of Arctic Silver to the Processor and reattached the heat sink.

The computer started ok and ran for a few moments and then shut down. This happend numerous time before I found that I had not completely locked down the processor into its socket even though I had double checked it before closing the case.

Fortunately, no damage occurred. However, my simple and stupid error nearly cost me a processor.

By the way, I heartily recommend disposing of the heat pad and using Arctic thermal grease.

Good luck.
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